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5 Easy Steps

Step One

Gather all company information. This includes:

  • Legal Business Name, Phone Number, Address
  • Contact Information
  • Company Pay Frequency
  • Existing Deductions

Step Two

Gather all tax information. This includes:

  • Federal ID
  • State ID
  • State Unemployment ID
  • Tax Deposit & Filing Frequency

Step Three

Submit all the information you've gathered via our online form. Our team will respond with a quote for your approval.

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Once you have approved the quote proceed to the next step!

Step Four

Be prepared to sign all authorizations. Authorizations include:

  • Contractual Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Bank Deduction Authorization
  • IRS Form 8655- Reporting Agent Authorization
 To request forms, contact us at

Step Five

Gather all employee personal data and enter into our handy form. This includes:

  • Name, Phone Number, Address
  • Social Security
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Wage & Employment History


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